Does Your Child Have Special Needs? How To Find The Right Childcare Provider

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If you're the parent or guardian of a special needs child, and it's time to arrange for child care, you want to choose the best program available. Finding suitable child care can be difficult, especially where a special needs child is concerned. After all, not all child care providers are equipped to provide the right level of care for a child with special needs. Here are four tips that will help you choose a child care provider for your child. 

Arrange for a Personalised Tour

When it comes to finding child care for a child with special needs, the first thing you need to do is arrange for a personalised tour. The tour will provide you with several benefits. First, it will allow you to see how the staff relates to children with special needs. Second, it will allow you to watch your child interact with the staff prior to placement. Finally, it will allow you to determine the child-to-staff ratio. If the child/staff ratio is too high, your child might not get the specialised care that they need throughout the day. 

Assess Site Accommodations

If you're looking for child care for your child with special needs, it's important that you pay close attention to the site accommodations. You want to make sure that the child care facility is equipped to care for children with special needs. For instance, are there accommodations for your child's eating, sleeping and toileting needs? If your child uses a wheelchair or walker, are there ramps for easy access throughout the building? Assessing the available accommodations will help you to choose a child care facility that's right for your child. 

Identify Available Programs

When you're arranging for child care for your child with special needs, be sure to identify any additional programs that might be available. For instance, some child care programs will provide assistance with toilet training, or with occupational or physiotherapy needs. Identifying these additional programs will ensure that your child has access to the tools and services they need. 

Consider Staff Training

If you're in the process of choosing a child care provider for your child with special needs, pay close attention to staff training. This is especially important if your child has complex medical needs. You need to know that all staff members have the right level of training to care for your child. If possible, sit down and discuss your child's specific needs with the supervisor. That way you know that they're aware of your child's medical needs.