Three Vital Skills Your Child Will Learn In Pre-Kindergarten

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Pre-kindergarten programs have many advantages, such as introducing your child to a classroom setting and allowing them to make new friends. This short article explains in detail three of the vital skills that a good pre-kindergarten program will give your child.

How To Socialise

If you're considering sending your child to a pre-kindergarten program, you will already know that they will learn some of the social skills they'll need at school. They'll learn how to share space and toys with other children, how to relate to their teacher, and how to act in a classroom setting. Curious World also suggests some other social benefits that preschool may impart, from a better ability to consider other people's emotions to the ability to play games with rules. On a practical note, the children from the pre-kindergarten program will likely go to school with your child, meaning your child will be able to make friends that they'll have throughout their early school years.

Learning How To Learn

Pre-kindergarten programs may not offer much structured learning. However, they do something equally important: they teach your child how to learn. They may learn something about how to count, how nature works, or what the alphabet looks like. By doing this, they'll be learning how to work in a classroom setting, and how to listen and learn. explains that young children learn to solve problems through playing games of the kind they play in pre-kindergarten, and problem-solving is a big part of learning to learn. In a good pre-kindergarten program or childcare centre, they'll also learn resilience – how to keep trying when you don't understand something and not give up until you've got it. These skills will certainly be helpful in helping your child adjust to school.

Early Literacy Skills

Your child will learn to read fluently in kindergarten, but a good pre-school program will introduce your child to literacy. This will make reading much easier when they start school and may even give them a life-long love of reading and stories. In a good pre-kindergarten program, the teacher will frequently read books to the children and may show them different letters and pages of the book to give them an idea of how writing works. As Simply Kinder suggests, they might also teach children to write their names or sing the alphabet song with the class. Whatever literacy skills they teach – and it varies between programs – they're sure to help your child in developing essential literacy skills.

If you want your child to learn better social skills, learning strategies and basic literacy, you may want to consider a pre-kindergarten or child care centre program. It is likely that the school you are going to send your child to has a program like this, and it's sure to benefit your child.