3 Ways Day Care Could Help Improve Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep

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Are you struggling to get your child to sleep every night? Childhood sleep problems are a big issue for many families and can even interfere with parents' sleep. Don't fret if you're having difficulty with bedtimes. One way you can help solve the problem is to enrol your child at a day care. Here are 3 ways a day a child care centre can make getting your child to bed a whole lot easier.

Day Care Will Tire Them Out

One of the most obvious ways day care will improve your child's sleep pattern is by helping them expend all their restless energy before bed. The children with the most difficulty getting to sleep at night also tend to be those who have a seemingly endless motor that keeps them hyperactive throughout the day. At home, it can be difficult to find enough physical activities to exhaust an energetic child. At a good day care with plenty of outdoor play space, on the other hand, your child will be able to engage in plenty of active play. This will tire your child out more so they have a lot less energy when it's time to settle down for the night.

A Solid Routine Improves Bedtimes

Another sleep benefit of day care is the routine it provides. No matter how hard you try to keep a solid routine at home, it can be difficult when each day brings new household tasks to work through and new, unexpected mishaps to tackle. If you send your child to a child care centre, you can be sure they'll follow the same routine every day. Your child will eat at a set time and play at a set time, helping them get used to following a schedule. In turn, this will make it easier for your child to accept that sleeping must also happen at a set time. On top of that, having to wake up for day care every morning will encourage your child to sleep without a fuss at night so they can enjoy the day ahead without tiredness.

Day Care Staff Have Sleep Experience

Is your child still at the age where they need to take naps? If so, napping could be a big part of your child's bedtime problems. When young children don't get enough naptime during the day (or, alternatively, too much naptime), their sleep pattern is messed up. Of course, getting your child down for a nap and up at the right time can be a struggle when you have other tasks to manage at home. At a child care centre, on the other hand, staff only have one job—to look after your child. Sleep problems in young children aren't uncommon, so they'll also have experience with other kids who had napping difficulties. This gives them the time and know-how to help improve your little one's naptimes, ensuring they get tired at the right time each night.